Friday, June 25, 2010

Ellie in 4-D

Ellie wouldn't exactly cooperate to let us get a great picture of her, but below are some of the pics that we were able to get. I guess she is making us wait so that there is an element of surprise when she makes her entrance into the world (totally my child!). It was so funny watching her...she LOVES her fingers! I don't think that they came out of her mouth the entire time she was on video. We saw her playing with her toes, yawning, opening and closing her eyes, and she even put both hands on her face at one point and did the "chubby" face by pushing her cheeks together. So cute! Being able to see what she looks like and what all she is doing in there was probably the best anniversary gift Patrick and I could have received. I am so thankful that she is healthy and am so anxious to get to meet her. Only a few more weeks!!!

Monday, June 21, 2010

A Sneak Peek

Here are a couple of pictures that we have of Ellie's bedding...

Crazy Dreams

I thought that I would take a second to document all of the crazy dreams I have been having recently. I would hate to forget these, so this post is more for me...but I hope you all get as good of a laugh out of it as I have.

1. So I am hosting a bridal tea for my sister in Atlanta in late July. My dream was that I was over there for the tea and Ellie decided to come early while we were in Atlanta. So I delivered her at Northside Hospital, but my insurance wouldn't cover any of the charges. But the kicker was that we had not installed the carseat in the car yet and I had to leave her in Atlanta. Note to self...install the carseat as soon as we get it!

2. I haven't watched baseball in YEARS! I mean like 10 years...but apparently I had the Braves on my mind this night. I dreamed that John Smoltz kept coming back from retirement (kind of like good ole Brett Favre). Each time he came back he had to wear "the scarlett letter" around his neck. So for the first time he had an "A", the second time he had a "B" and so on and so forth. What the???? I don't know where these dreams come from.

3. Very early in the pregnancy I had a dream that Ellie decided to make an appearance on August 27th. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell me this one will come true!

4. I had two diet drinks one night and dreamed that she came out with only her left arm and leg. Why do I dream these things??? I know everything is ok after seeing the ultrasound. The mind can definitely be an evil thing.

I'll add more as I think of them...

The Ellie Belly

Here are a few recent pictures of what Patrick and I call the Ellie Belly. We are 30 weeks pregnant this week...only 10 more weeks to go!!!! I can't believe how quickly this whole thing has flown by! Actually, Ellie and I have a talk every night that she needs to come about 2 weeks early in order to give her mommy an extra two weeks to get ready for Savannah's wedding on September 18th. We do have a few stipulations though...1) She should be fully developed and healthy 2) She needs to give me plenty of time to get to the hospital in order to get GOOD drugs and 3) She needs to cooperate and come out relatively easy so that I can recover quickly. Now I know the odds of that happening are slim to none, but Patrick and I would appreciate some thoughts and prayers to kind of push her along. haha!