Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Baby Showers!!!!

Patrick and I are so lucky to have so many wonderful friends and family members! We had our first baby shower on July 11th at my friend Lora’s house. She was so generous to open her house up to all of us “crazies”. Patrick and I were so excited about all of the goodies everyone brought for Ellie! Mom has all of the pictures on her camera, so as soon as I get my hands on them I will post for everyone to see.

Our second shower was geared more towards family. We had a great turn out and Ellie got even more goodies. Our hostesses surprised us by asking everyone who came to bring a book so that we could jump start Ellie’s library – what a GREAT idea. Here are a few pictures from our family shower…

All of the grands...

We also had a great shower from my coworkers at Vulcan. Debbie did such a great job on the elephant cake! I sure hope Ellie loves elephants when she grows up! We played a game of who can change a diaper the fastest. I was able to choose two people at a time to compete against each other. They each had a baby doll and raced to change a diaper. Brent inspected to make sure the diaper was properly placed on the doll. After three rounds we had the winners compete against each other and of course Rusty was the winner. It was hysterical. We are so thankful to have so many people who care about us! Thanks to everyone!!!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A 4th of July to Remember

Our 4th of July weekend started off super slow on Saturday. Patrick and I slept in and then did about as much as a sloth all day long. It was so nice to not have any plans and just be able to chill on the couch all day. We finally got out for a few minutes that night once I decided I wanted some Oreo’s and milk. So we all piled in the car for our trip to Publix. Yes…I said we…the dogs had to ride with us.

On Sunday Patrick and I got up and went to church then headed over to my grandmothers house for BBQ and lots of laughter. Apparently we wore ourselves out laughing so much that we had to take an hour and a half nap while everyone else carried on with the festivities. The nap actually paid off given the all nighter we ended up pulling.

Sunday night we had reservations at The Club for dinner and fireworks atop Vulcan. Perfect view, right?!?! Well it would have been had we gotten to see the fireworks. Instead we were eating dessert and guess what…a NUT was in my dessert (even though they said there were no nuts in it). Now for those of you that don’t know, I am extremely allergic to nuts. I mean “Fat Albert” allergic – tongues swells, throat closes, hives, etc. I look a little bit like Kevin James in Hitch if that gives you any idea. So off we go running to the car to try to get to St. Vincent’s. It’s about 8:30 so we thought we could make it. WRONG! We got stuck in all of the spectator traffic on Valley Ave. By this point I am totally freaking out because it’s getting difficult to breathe, so I sucked it up and called 911 to come find us. We ended up pulling over on the road that goes up to Vulcan – right underneath the fireworks. I was so hysterical that I didn’t even get to enjoy them – boo! The paramedics took me to the hospital and Patrick had to follow, but didn’t get there for a good 45 minutes because of all of the traffic. I got lots of good meds and they eventually found Ellie’s heartbeat (scariest moments of my life!). I was even able to experience my first round of contractions. Can I just say that if that wasn’t strong, then I am going to need an epidural at a ½ centimeter. Ouch! We finally got home around 2:00am and went to bed.

Monday morning I woke up pretty early and left Patrick in bed. I started getting a little worried because I hadn’t felt Ellie kick since they gave me some medicine around midnight. So I drank a little caffeine and ate some sugar….still nothing. So off we go to see my OB. Luckily he was able to find her heartbeat and get her to start moving around a little (which put my mind at ease). My blood pressure was back to normal, so hopefully all is well at this point. Say some prayers that this little girl does not get this awful allergy!

Here are a couple of pictures we took before all of the chaos...