Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Ellie's a big one month old!

Dear Ellie,

Today is your one month birthday and your Daddy and I can’t even begin to tell you how much our life has changed since you were born. When you arrived you were so tiny, but had quite a set of lungs on you and it was the best sound we could have ever heard. You have been putting those lungs to good use these past four weeks. You tend to cry the most at night when we put you to bed…I guess you don’t want to be away from your Mommy and Daddy for too long. You also get pretty fussy when you are hungry, but Mommy has almost figured out your feeding pattern so hopefully that will get better in the next couple of weeks. You are eating like a champ and have gained one pound and ten ounces since you left the hospital. You have also grown ¼ of an inch since you were born. We took you for your 1 month doctors checkup yesterday and Dr. Davis said you are doing great. Mommy and Daddy were sad when you had to get your heel pricked and your Hepatitis B shot, but you surprised us and barely even cried. The look of shock on your face was pretty intense though.

You made your first road trip to Atlanta when you were only 2 weeks old. Mommy had to go get her dress altered for your Aunt Savannah’s wedding and Grandma came along for the ride. You did wonderful and we only had to stop twice to feed and change you. You made your second road trip to Atlanta when you were three weeks old for the wedding. We were only there for two days and I never knew someone so small required so much stuff for such a short period of time. The Jeep was piled all the way to the top with your baby needs. You were such a doll throughout the entire weekend and everyone who met you said what a beautiful baby you are (and Mommy and Daddy agree 100%).

The love that your Daddy and I have for you is so hard to describe. You are the most beautiful little girl and we are so thankful that God blessed us with you. Mommy loves to hold you in her arms and watch you drift off to sleep. Right before you are completely asleep you start grinning and it is the cutest thing ever. Daddy sings songs to you every night and makes up the words to the songs as he goes. You just stare at him and follow his voice wherever he goes around the house. I can tell you are already a Daddy’s girl and it is the sweetest thing to see you and Daddy interact. We love you more than words can describe and are going to do everything in our power to give you a life fulfilled with love and happiness. We love you sweet girl!!!

Mommy and Daddy